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  • Customize Your Social Measuring

    Customize different metrics your company tracks and better understand your customers. We allow you access to one of the world's most powerful analytics software suite and have unlimited access to data reports, metrics, customer and competitor analysis' and more.

    Additionally, you can customize reports for specific dates, campaigns, demographics, etc. to better understand your overall growth and changes within your account.
  • Better Understand Your Customers

    Understand changes to your customer's needs and better understand what your customers expect of your business. Acknowledge trends in your industry and back your sales goals with real-time engagement data. 

  • Get Custom Email Reports

    Create and subscribe to custom email reports sent to you weekly acknowledging changes throughout the week, insights, branded content, etc. Additionally, creating and downloading custom reports from our database anytime is easy through our 'downloads' section on the application.

Perfect Your Business With Customer Analytics

Learn and interact with your customers effectively through your content and build and adapt to changes within your customers and your industry. See changes in your fans and learn about how your customers interact with your content and influencers. 

Unlimited Reporting, Regardless of Tier

Download unlimited reportings across all of your networks, regardless of what tier your account is under.

Custom Branding

Brand your reports to use for board meetings, case studies, etc. and give your reports an extra 'flair' for your boss.

Minimal Downtime

Powered by one of the world's most powerful analytics software, you can expect minimaldowntime throughout the year.

Get Started with A Custom Built Suite

We will build you a custom suite of tools for both analytics and content production, but with cookie-cutter pricing.

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