Stories That Actually Deliver.

We have redefined the way content is created, distributed, and monetized for
sales driven organizations.

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Social Monetization

Utilize social media to leverage your brand's outreach and build lasting relationships with potential and current customers. Or, go viral fast, with highly engaging, brand driven content, delivered to thousands worldwide.

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Conversion Driven Campaigns

Not looking to invest long term? No worries! Delight thousands via social media or search engines with
thought-leading content designed to engage audiences and convert new leads into your favourite clientele.

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'Generation Z' Solutions

The next wave of humans interact and engage with content differently than what standard marketing and PR firms are used to. We are experts in our field and have won various awards for our 'generation x' marketing solutions.

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Build better content,
one view at a time.

We believe in making your marketing dollars work harder than you do for your business, and to do this, we've invented a new way of creating actual leads from your dollars.

We get seen by over 2,500,000people around the world daily.

“Together, the team at Contend has given us the ability to tap into millions of social users in an incredibly easy and robust way. We’ve been able to target new customers with real-time data in a more seamless way, saving us money.”

Henry Wong
CMO, Lyncpartners

“Content marketing is changing the way we do business…the team at Contend made it easy to promote the company through content marketing and as a result, we have seen a 2X growth in our engagement and ROI!”

Matthew Bantes
Data Specialist, Image Edge Solutions

“We’ve partnered with other firms in the past, and Contend has been the only one to deliver on their goals and metrics. Their attention to detail is unparalleled. I don’t know what I would do without their team!”

Michele Ambriose
Digital Media Manager Cowork Winnipeg

“Our ability to reach new customers faster and in a more personable way has only been because of our work with Contend. They have interpreted our products in a simplistic way has been instrumental in bringing in new interest…”

Sarah Gongorils
Director, Market Outreach Genis Biotechnologies