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We empower brands to build engaging social content specifically for social media to build personal connections with customers and partners.

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  • Our Story 

    Contend was founded by two very ambitious young people in November 2016. After working together in a marketing firm in London, Canada, Sean Cornelius and Daniel Wiseman decided to change their focus from SEO and websites to content solutions and software. Thus, Contend was born.

    Contend was founded on the premise that content marketing should be accessible, regardless of a client's budget, niche or specific needs or requirements. It is because of this that Contend has seen rapid growth since launching and has seen clients from all niches, walks of life and products.

    Happily in April 2017, Contend successfully launched its first account with a London-based essential oils company, Mindful Life Co., and has since allowed dozens of companies across Canada and the USA to engage and captivate customers like never before. Together, we hope we can transform the way content marketing is built, curated, distributed and influenced globally, whilst also allowing companies in any situation to successfully do so.

  • Our Mission

    We are on a mission to reinvent content marketing as it stands today. We believe strongly that exceptional content drives business results and is key to building lasting, personal relationships with customers. And as the only content marketing company built for small to medium sized businesses, we make it affordable for everyday businesses to achieve this.

    Every day, dozens of companies across Canada, the USA and France use content built by us to personalize their marketing efforts with their customers and educate them on their brand. We are leading the way in content marketing in the SMEs space and continue to grow since our inception in late 2016. 

  • Our Inspiration

    We are inspired everyday by our awesome clients, outstanding writers and talent, partners and influencers we work with daily. The ability to work with some of the best small to medium sized enterprise companies in Canada, the USA and France has given us a great sense of pride and we continue to grow and expand our clientele across various niches, countries and follower bases.

    So in short, you are our inspiration!

What Drives Us

We work very hard to constantly improve how we work, operate and produce content. This is put into our values as a company and what our philosophy of business is.

Keep Learning.

We want to be the best and to do this we strongly believe in failing fast, but learning faster and continuing to educate ourselves...naturally, this is easy. (We're all students).

Execute Completely.

Customer success is our utmost priority and we strive to make sure that every client we work with surpasses their goals and continues to grow with the help of content marketing.

Make Better Products, Every Day.

"Product Is King!" and we work tirelessly to continuously produce the best content, software solutions and strategies we can each and every day.

Our Leadership

Meet the driving forces behind Contend and the people working tirelessly to make the best content and products possible.

Sean Cornelius

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder

Sean heads the overall direction and innovation at Contend, ensuring continuous growth and success.


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Daniel Wiseman

Chief Operations Officer/Co-Founder

Daniel leads our overall growth and management of all accounts and logistics ensuring that all accounts work smoothly.


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Kaitlyn Jacob

Vice President, Content & Strategy

Kaitlyn manages our content teams and works with our databases to leverage the best content possible.


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Nathan Wiseman

Vice President, Client Services & Success

Nathan works to help lead customer satisfaction and experience at Contend and works hard to make sure that you have everything you need.


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Career Opportunities

Want to become a Contender?! See our current job openings or send us your resume for future postings.

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