Life as a Contender

We want work to be fun and our staff to enjoy coming into work. Thus, we give our staff full creative and operational freedom while at work.

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We want you to be happy, so take our perks to heart.

We truly believe in creating a productive and fun environment for your staff to work and thrive in every day. Thus, we have invested into our employees to be as productive and successful as possible.


Free Food

Enjoy an open fridge and weekly order-in meals from London and Toronto's finest.

Run on Apple

We run completely on Apple solutions for business for our staff to work off of.

Free Tech

If Spotify makes you productive, we will make it happen. We are open to suggestions for what will make your work experience more enjoyable.

Flexible Office Hours

We give you the ability to work when you are most productive or work around other events in your life.

Competitive Pay & Stock Options

We reward you for your hard work with us and want to make sure you are generously compensated.

Take It From Us

"I enjoy coming to work every day. The people around me that I work with, the clients we aid and the environment I work in all make my job and my experience at work very enjoyable."

  • - Daniel Wiseman, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer